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Permission logo 2021.svgCurrent backlog (oldest unanswered mail or ticket) in permissions-commons queue is 2 days.
VRT Noticeboard
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OTRS (sigles n'inglés de Open-source Ticket Request System). Nos proyeutos de Wikimedia, refierse xeneralmente al sistema d'ingresu au los voluntarios retruquen los e-mails que son unviaos a Wikimedia, inclusive información xeneral (en dellos idiomes), entrugues de la prensa y e-mails de permisos (en castellano). En Commons, el "OTRS" refierse xeneralmente a la cabera modalidá. Entós, "poner daqué en OTRS" significa unviar un mail a , que sedrá tratáu por un voluntariu del OTRS.

Nel casu de que tenga dalgún e-mail de permisu, unvíelu pa la dirección del OTRS que apaez más enrriba. Recomiéndase usar un e-mail sofitáu nos Modelos de mensaxes p'algamar el permisu requeríu. L'otorgamientu de permisos tien de caltener específicamente una concesión baxo dalguna llicencia llibre (en castellano) y nun tienen de ser namái permisos pa usar en Commons o na Wikipedia. (Ver tamién m:OTRS/permissions-en-guide, (n'inglés).

Cuando s'unvía un e-mail al OTRS, ye meyor declarar que les imáxenes (o imaxe) tan abellugaes en Commons, y si fore dable, dar les direiciones URLs o nomes de los archivos. Por favor, remita llinies de cabecera (emisor, receutor, tema) de los e-mails (o algame qu'el poseyedor de los drechos d'autor lo unvíe direutamente) -- OTRS ye un sistema ensembre priváu.

File:File:OTRS 6 Wikimedia (en).png
Captura de pantalla del OTRS: cómo los voluntarios del OTRS allupen los pidíos.
An image that received its permission for use via OTRS

Un voluntariu del OTRS confirmará si el permisu ye válidu (nesi casu la plantía d'abaxo usaráse) o conseñaráse-y cual ye'l problema (por exemplu, la persona que dió'l permisu nun ye anguaño'l poseyedor de los drechos d'autor o un problema de drechu d'autor non declaráu como nel casu de les obres derivaes (en castellano)).

Los voluntarios del OTRS, que son alministradores en Commons, tan llistaos en m:OTRS/personnel con una "y" embaxo de la columna "Commons". Hai tamién una llista parcial en Template talk:PermissionOTRS. Si'l so e-mail/pedíu ta demorándose enforma en respondese, intente entrar en contautu con estes persones y pedi-yos que faigan l'acompangamientu de la so solicitú.

Los voluntarios del OTRS traten tamién los reportes de violación de drechos d'autor. Si ta interesáu n'ufrise como voluntariu pa trabayar nel OTRS n'asuntos rellacionados con Commons, pue entrar en contautu con guillom o cualesquier alministrador del OTRS llistáu en m:OTRS/personnel.

Inquiries about the validity or status of an VRTS ticket can be made at the VRT Noticeboard.

Emails are handled by community volunteers. VRTS tickets in the permissions-commons queue are visible to all volunteers who have access to that queue. The Wikimedia Foundation cannot guarantee confidential treatment of any sensitive information you include in your message, although all volunteers are required to treat it with confidentiality. Users should be careful of revealing personally-identifying information of subjects or creators, particularly names, physical addresses, and emails.

When contacting VRT is unnecessary

If any of the following statements is one you could make with regard to the file you wish to upload, you do not need to contact VRT:

I do not have permission to use the file and it has not been released under a free license.

Commons can only accept images that are under a free license or in the public domain. If the file does not fall in one of those two groups, please do not upload it.

I created the file myself, it hasn't been previously published, and I am the sole owner of its copyright.

Just follow the instructions found on the Commons:Upload/ast page, unless the image/file is of outstanding or professional quality or there is some other reason your authorship may be doubted.

The image was first published on my website, or on my own space of a shared website.

That's great! If it's your own website, please follow Creative Commons' instructions to adopt the free culture license of your choice. It will then be reviewed when files are uploaded by you or others. Use the Internet Archive's "Save Page Now" feature to store proof of your license statement.

My/Our website uses Wordpress
You can place the entire website in CC-BY-SA license in a handful of clicks.
My/Our website is on Blogspot
Follow the steps to update your theme.
I/We publish on Flickr
Follow Flickr publish steps.
I/We publish on YouTube
You can use CC-BY.
I/We publish on social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
Edit the post containing your photo to indicate that it is published under a free license. If the platform does not allow editing of posts (e.g. Twitter), then make a new post referring back to the photo. Please ensure that visibility is set to public.

I found the image on Flickr where it was marked as having been released under a free license.

Commons has a procedure in place for reviewing those images. Please have a look on Commons:Flickr files.

Licensing images: when do I contact VRT?

If any of the following statements is one you could make, then you must send an email to the VRTS system:

I have received permission from the original author (not me) to upload the file to Commons.

Please ask the copyright holder to send a permission statement to the address listed above. We require that owners make a clear statement that they release the image under a free license; to help prevent confusion or misunderstandings we prefer one of the email templates be used. Permission grants must specifically contain a free license grant and may not merely give permissions for Commons or Wikipedia. If you have already uploaded the image to Commons, follow the instructions on Template:Permission pending.
Ampoule-electrique.png If the image has been deleted, do not recreate the deleted content but include in the correspondence a link to the deleted image or a link to your talk page in order to help the work of the VRT members.

I am the copyright owner but my file has been previously published without a free license on a medium I can't alter.

Please send us a clear statement that you wish to release your work (with a link to the original location) under a specific free license. See Commons:Email templates for the preferred form. Alternatively, add a free license to your work and place the text {{License review}} somewhere on the file description page on Commons. We will review your statement for authenticity and will let you know if we can accept it as valid.

I am an employee of the copyright owner.

Please send us a clear statement from an email address that shows that you act for the copyright holder, stating that you are authorised by your employer to release the work, under a specific free license. See Commons:Email templates for the preferred form. Alternatively, add a free license to the work alongside the file on the copyright holder's website. We will review your statement for authenticity and will let you know if we can accept it as valid.

I regularly publish my work elsewhere and want to avoid the hassle of sending permission statements for every upload I make.

Please send us a clear statement that your Commons account (or some other Commons account) is authorized to license your works, either any work or some set of works, e.g. "My images from event X, 2013-10-15". We will make a note of this for your future uploads.

I am the copyright owner and my file is being hosted on Commons without permission.

Send us an email (to with as much information as possible about the problem, including the URL of the file on Commons and, if applicable, the URL of the place it was originally published. We will review your request and if we find the file was uploaded without proper permission, it will be deleted.

If you are NOT the copyright holder

If you are not the copyright holder and the work is not in the public domain or readily available under a Commons-compatible free license, you will need to contact the copyright holder and obtain permission for their work to be uploaded to Commons. Please follow these steps:

  • Before you upload the file to Commons, please identify and contact the copyright holder and ask them to release the work under a free license.
    Ampoule-electrique.png The copyright holder must choose one of the licenses permitted on Commons; in particular, restricting use to Wikipedia or Wikimedia projects is not acceptable. See Commons:Email templates for a recommended reply from the author. It is entirely up to the copyright holder to decide whether to allow releasing of the file under a free license. If the copyright holder declines to release this file under a free license, unfortunately, this file cannot be uploaded on Commons.
  • When you receive a reply, please check that the license authorized by the copyright holder is appropriate to Commons. If so, upload the image to Commons and place the tag {{subst:PP}} ("Permission Pending") on the file description page in addition to the license chosen by the copyright holder.
  • Following this, ask the author to forward the email with their clear statement of permission to, including the full header and any previously exchanged correspondence with you, and a link to the image on Commons. Make sure to ask the author to include information on the origin (source) of the file and its license.
  • A VRT volunteer will check the email to verify that the permission statement is sufficient and authentic, and will then replace the {{Permission pending}} tag with {{PermissionTicket}}.

(If you are the copyright holder writing to confirm the license for a previously published work that you have already uploaded to Commons, you should, of course, send the permission statement yourself.)

Declaration of consent for all enquiries

 ¡Usa el generador de lanzamiento interactivo!

Si ha sido dirigido a esta página porque desea liberar los derechos de un archivo del que es propietario de los derechos de autor, por favor considere hacer clic en el enlace de arriba en lugar de completar la siguiente plantilla de correo electrónico.. El generador de lanzamiento interactivo está diseñado para hacer el proceso de liberación de los derechos de un archivo eficiente y simple. El uso de la siguiente plantilla, aunque sigue siendo perfectamente válida y ciertamente útil como trabajo de referencia, se desaconseja ahora y debería "sólo" utilizarse en circunstancias excepcionales. Gracias.

Plantilla de correo electrónico

Debido al gran número de respuestas ambiguas recibidas a peticiones sobre permisos para usar una imagen, texto o similar (como «Permito a Wikipedia usar mis fotos.») es aconsejable adjuntar al correo electrónico de petición una declaración estándar de consentimiento (y señalarla en el correo), que deberá ser usada por el autor/propietario de los derechos de autor en el correo de respuesta, complementada por la información correcta apropiada:


Predefiniciones pa usar nes páxines d'imáxenes

  • Los voluntarios d'OTRS puen usar {{PermissionOTRS|ticket=URL}}.
  • Los usuarios qu'entren en contautu col OTRS puen usar {{PermissionOTRS-ID|ticketid}} si reciben/conocen el númberu de ticket de los sos pidíos/e-mails.

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